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How to Buy Tickets

How to Buy Tickets

  • From the school’s website, go to the athletics’ page and find the “Purchase Tickets” link or CLICK HERE to find your school’s event listing page.
  • The link will open up a new page – the event listing page for the school on Eventbrite
  • Scroll down to see the list of upcoming events/games
  • Click on the event you wish to attend
    • The icon will also tell you which sport it is (basketball for basketball games etc)
  • After clicking on the game, it’ll take you to event page
    • It provides some information about the game (time, location etc)
  • Click the “Get Tickets” button
  • A “Select Tickets” screen will pop up
    • Choose the number of tickets for each ticket type (i.e. 1 Adv Adult, 2 Adv student etc)
    • If is a reserved ticket, a screen will pop up with the seating map and you can choose which tickets you would want
  • After selecting tickets, it’ll take you to the registration page (see below)

  • Fill out the required information
    • Ticket Buyer section (name and email address)
      • If you already have an Eventbrite account, you can log in directly and skip the payment and billing information section (if you have already saved the information from before)
    • Payment section
      • Credit card information
    • Bill information section
      • Address linked to the credit card
    • Other information
      • This can be an extra section asking a simple question to help us get a better feel of the fans
  • Click “Pay Now” after completing the order form
  • After processing the payment, it’ll take you back to the event listing page
  • The tickets will be emailed to you
    • You can print this email right away
    • You can save the PDF for printing later
How to Access Tickets

How Will I Receive My Tickets?

  • Your tickets will be emailed to you after you finish the purchasing process
  • If you have a Eventbrite account, you could access your tickets for your Eventbrite app

How Do I Access My Tickets?

From Your Desktop

Printing Tickets from Email

  • After the tickets are purchased, you will receive an email confirmation with the tickets attached (PDF)
  • Open/download the PDF attachment
  • Print out the tickets and bring it to the event for it to be scanned at the gate

Finding the Tickets on

  • On your desktop or laptop, go to
  • You should be automatically logged in
    • If not, log in
  • On the top right corner, hover over your name
  • In the drop down, select “Tickets”
  • A list of all the upcoming events will be listed
  • Select the event you need tickets for
  • Click “Print Tickets”
  • Bring the tickets with you to the event to be scanned in
From Your Smartphone

Downloading Eventbrite App

  • Search for Eventbrite
    • It is an orange icon
  • Install the app and open
  • Click on “Log in to Get Your Tickets”
  • Enter the email address you used to purchase tickets
    • Click Continue
    • Enter Password
  • Once logged in, you will see a list of all your tickets
  • On the day of the event, pull up the tickets to be scanned in

Presenting Tickets from Your Email

  • Pull up the email that has the PDF attachment
  • Download the tickets on to your phone from the email
  • Open the file after the download completes
  • Zoom in on the tickets so the QR code can be scanned

For iOS users only

  • After tickets are purchased, add the tickets to your “Wallet” app on your iphone
  • At the gate, open the wallet app and pull up the tickets to be scanned in
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How to Buy Tickets

How to Access Tickets

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